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Optimize your cooling with our Advanced Air Handling Units (AHUs)

Elevate your climate control with our state-of-the-art Air Handling Units (AHUs). Designed to deliver unparalleled efficiency and precise temperature regulation, our AHU solutions are the backbone of any sophisticated HVAC system. From large air handling units for industrial applications to compact air handling units for spaces with limited room, we offer a wide selection to meet every need. Our range includes Daikin AHU, Fresh Air Handling Unit, and system Air AHU models, each engineered to meet the unique requirements of commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Whether you need an air handler unit commercial or a domestic air handling unit, our versatile systems seamlessly integrate with your building’s infrastructure, providing a customizable and energy-efficient way to distribute conditioned air throughout your space.

Our advanced AHU systems feature AHU fans, precise AHU fresh air controls, and intelligent monitoring systems to ensure optimal indoor air quality and thermal comfort. If you’re looking for an air handler for sale, our new AC air handlers provide improved efficiency and performance. We also specialize in air handler units for attic installations, optimizing your attic space for better climate control. For those facing issues with their current systems, our team is equipped to handle situations where your AC air handler is not working. Our multi-zone air handlers allow you to manage multiple zones effortlessly, and our air handler heaters ensure year-round comfort.

Our portfolio includes reliable and efficient Carrier air handlers, York air handlers, and Carrier AHUs, each known for their exceptional performance and durability. We offer specialized solutions like ceiling-mounted AHUs and Carrier horizontal air handlers, designed for flexible installation options. Our AHUs are engineered to meet the highest air quality standards, making them ideal for sensitive environments such as hospitals and pharmaceutical applications. We provide a variety of models, including AHU 12, AHU 10, AHU 4, AHU 5, AHU 8, and AHU 6, to suit different requirements. Additionally, our McQuay AHUs, Aermec AHUs, chiller air handling units, and integrated chiller and AHU solutions offer reliable and efficient performance.

Upgrade your HVAC system and take control of your indoor climate with our premium Air Handling Units from the Best AHU AC Dealer in Chennai. Our Carrier indoor air handlers and ceiling-mounted air handling units are designed for quiet, efficient operation. Find the perfect answer for your ventilation and cooling requirements to reach new heights of comfort, efficiency, and affordability. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative AHU offerings and how they can transform your building’s climate control.

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Choosing JAS AC PLAZA means selecting a partner committed to excellence in corporate cooling. Here’s why our services stand out

21+ Years of Expertise in Commercial AC

Benefit from two decades of specialized expertise in commercial air conditioning, ensuring unmatched solutions for your Cooling comfort from our Best AHU AC Dealer in Chennai

Curated Selection of HVAC OEM Brands

Explore and invest in a carefully curated selection of Top AC brands from our Best AHU AC Dealer in Chennai, delivering top-notch quality and reliability.

Pioneering Virtual HVAC Showroom

Experience innovation with our exclusive virtual HVAC showroom, providing a convenient and futuristic way to explore and select commercial AC solutions.

Sustainability Oriented

We prioritize your success, offering personalized service, tailored solutions from our Best AHU AC Dealer in Chennai, and a commitment to creating the ideal climate for your cooling comfort.

Advantages of AHU

Consistent Temperature Control
Improved Air Quality
Customizable Design
Energy Efficiency
Enhanced Ventilation
Extended Warranty
Superior Air Filtration
Compact Design
Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

The main component in an HVAC system that conditions and circulates air throughout a building.

It filters, heats/cools, and distributes the air to maintain desired temperature and air quality.

HVAC is the overall heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

AHU is a specific component within the HVAC system that handles the air conditioning function.

AHU is a central unit that conditions and circulates air for the entire HVAC system.

FCU is a local unit that conditions air in a specific room or zone.

      • Blue Star AHU
      • Daikin AHU
      • Panasonic  AHU
      • Mitsubishi  AHU
      • Carrier  AHU
      • Toshiba AHU
      • LG  AHU
      • Haier AHU

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