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Buy commercial Haier AC from the Best Haier AC Dealers in Chennai.

Buy commercial Haier AC from the Best Haier AC Dealers in Chennai

Discover unbeatable cooling with Haier air conditioners.

When it comes to reliable and efficient air conditioning solutions, Haier is a name that stands out. With a wide range of offerings that cater to diverse cooling needs, Haier has established itself as a trusted choice for homeowners and businesses alike. We offer various Haier products like Haier Tower AC, Haier Ductable Split, Haier Ductable Packaged, Haier Cassette, Haier Central AC, and Haier VRV/VRF AC.

Haier Air Conditioner Lineup Explore Haier’s extensive collection of air conditioners, including the popular Haier AC 1.5 ton and Haier Split Air Conditioner models. From compact Haier Room Air Conditioners to powerful Haier Split AC units, Haier has something for every space.


Haier AC

Inverter Technology Embrace the future of cooling with Haier’s advanced inverter technology. The Haier 1.25-ton inverter AC and Haier 1.5-ton DC inverter AC offer precise temperature control, faster cooling, and outstanding energy savings, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice.

Flexible Solutions Whether you’re looking for a compact Haier Mini Split Price Solution or a powerful Haier Split Unit, Haier has a wide range of options to suit your needs. Additionally, Haier offers Haier 1.5-ton AC window units and Haier 1.5-ton window AC 5-star models for hassle-free installations.

Commercial and Industrial Offerings Haier’s expertise extends beyond residential cooling with its robust commercial and industrial offerings. From the Haier 2 ton floor standing inverter to the powerful Haier 4 ton floor standing inverter, Haier has the right solution for your business or industrial cooling needs.

Competitive Pricing With a diverse range of Haier air conditioner prices, including affordable options like the 1-ton AC Haier price, owning a Haier air conditioning unit has never been more accessible.We offer various Haier products like Haier Tower AC, Haier Ductable Split, Haier Ductable Packaged, Haier Cassette, Haier Central AC, and Haier VRV/VRF AC.

Experience unbeatable cooling. Discover the best Haier AC and the best Haier AC model that perfectly suits your cooling requirements. Buy Haier AC online or visit your nearest retailer to explore the latest offerings from the trusted Haier Air Conditioner brand with JAS AC PLAZA.

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Why Choose us

Why choose JAS AC PLAZA for buying Haier AC?

We are the top Haier AC dealer in Chennai. You can buy AC for the office and AC for home at a very affordable price from JAS AC PLAZA. You can buy Haier AC anywhere, but here you have additional advantages for all types of AC without extra charges.

Extended Warranty

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the purchase with our extended or additional warranty program.

Air-Tight Installation

JAS AC PLAZA's technicians are specialists in ensuring there is no gas leakage or water liquid leakage in every AC installation project, guaranteeing a safe and efficient system.

Enhanced Cooling Capacity

During installation, JAS AC PLAZA employs unique strategies to optimize delivery speed and cooling capacity up to 100% before handing them over to customers.

Energy-Efficient Installation Strategies

Implementation of energy-saving techniques during AC installation to reduce current bills and prolong the machine's lifespan, offering cost-effective and sustainable solutions for long-term benefits.

Specialization in Projects and Services

Expertise in both project management and service delivery, providing comprehensive solutions to meet customer needs.

Concealed AC Installation Specialization

Experience in the installation of concealed air conditioning systems guarantees excellent performance and dependability by preventing gas leaks and water liquid problems in every project.

Advanced Outdoor Design

Our copper pipes are designed to evacuate heat up to 48% of the surrounding temperature, whereas others can only evacuate up to 42%. We are 6% higher than our competitors.

Creative Design with Hidden Display

Our AC units boast a modern, minimalist design with a hidden display for a seamless aesthetic in any environment.

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